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How might we make professional development videos easier to find?

In Stage 1, you shared that it can be challenging finding videos that not only fit into your schedule, but also match the subject, grade level, or practice you’re looking for.


Nick V

Streamwood High School

TeacherTube Content Meets a Netflix platform in the age of Twitter

Anybody can post to YouTube, which is why it's such a sticky site. Users spend more than minutes browsing through the content available. And YouTube has done a great job keeping even more eyeballs on the screen. Some videos are good, most are not, but YouTube was always about the passage of time. Teacher Tube came about and it too is open source, with tons of content. Same problem; some good, some bad, very hard to find stuff specific to my needs. There are also good videos out there but tough to find. Imagine a clearing house for these, high quality videos, highly searchable, rate-able, with a Netflix/Facebook/Twitter feel to the interface. Log in, favorites, suggested related videos, social media links, group hangouts, the possibilities are endless. Anyone can upload a video and the rating/tagging systems take over. The Users will have the ability to tag anything relatable to the video (i.e. Foreign Exchange, high school econ, etc.) and the rating would give other users an indication of the quality.

Potential Impact

PD videos are all over the internet and they are important, but one has to A. Be driven to seek them out. B. Know where to look (some of them are suspiciously hidden on University sites and the like) C. Take the time to view and analyze relevant videos. and D. Put things into the practice and reflection cycle. My idea would eliminate the need to hunt around the internet and waste time vetting content videos that might not be suitable or of high quality. Collecting this content under one umbrella with a rating system, and a user interface that is familiar to most on other social media sites, I think would be highly usable and beneficial to teachers. When asked about PD, teachers overwhelmingly said that content delivered by a fellow teacher was more useful than any other type. The site would incentivize content producers with name recognition, views, comments, and exposure. The impact could be immense, there are millions of teachers that are yearning for this type of PD site.

Possible Implementation

The idea is fairly simple. A couple of talented web and app designers could make a slick interface, and the marketing would be done to content providers first, and then to users. You can't make the mistake of opening the site with little to no content. Teachers will come, sign up, look around, find little to nothing and never come back. That's why you need a content rich site with quality stuff to sell to the using public.


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