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Let's Put On A Show

I grew up watching old movies. One of my favs was when Mickey Rooney would say to Judy Garland (and the neighborhood gang) "Let's put on a show!" My idea is to do a video of a prototype of a learning activity. For example, say you wanted to try Genius Hour. A couple teachers would act out, recorded by a smartphone camera), how that would work. The clip would be made available on the school's intranet for teachers to view. An alternative would be to view the clip in a group PD session then asking what teachers thought worked well and what could be improved. Then tape that.

Potential Impact

Educators would be exposed to the subject in a more experiential way. If the video were viewed in a social environment like a group PD session there would be that energy, too.

Possible Implementation

1. Every school I've been to for an EdCamp the last two years has had at least one Weird Teacher in residence. Recruit that person and ask them to find a student to hold the camera (and maybe do the editing) and another teacher to act out with. 2. Record the teachers showing what Genius Hour would look like at school, at home, then back at school the next day. 3. Make the clip available on an intranet or show during a group PD session. Ask for feedback. Maybe tape another clip right then and there.


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