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Teachers Can PD Themselves

At CUE15 I learned about Dr. Sugata Mitra and how he placed computer kiosks in rural villages in India. With access to the Internet kids (the kiosks were designed such that adults had to deal with discomfort to use) the kiosks gave children, who lacked a teacher and their own devices, a chance to teach each other. My idea is to place computer kiosks in a library (teacher lounge?) where teachers could walk up to it and take software (or lesson plans, etc) out for a try.

Potential Impact

Teachers would be able to immediately access software in an applied way. They would jump in and go. It wouldn't be about accessing or loading an application. It would be all instructional context: Here's an activity/assignment/assessment tied to a standard applied.

Possible Implementation

1. Place a PC (enclosed in a kiosk that children would have to deal with discomfort to use). It would just sit there until someone (teacher) walked up to it and did something; maybe it'd have an interface for curriculum domains (by subject?). 2. Teachers would click to access the context. I'm thinking it would be scaffolded: Here's something. Click through and/or provide the chance to change something. 3. The kiosk would only contain software supported by the school's instructional coaches.


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