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Innovation Workout

Intel's CEO Brian Krzanich describes this month's layoff because company didn't innovate fast enough. How can we (educators) grow our innovation abilities? Motivated teachers/leaders/instructional coaches get together and create an eBook pointing at effective media that meets the needs of talents/abilities teachers at the school currently have. It can be used to build trust and form relationships that encourage risk and growth.

Potential Impact

Heard at EdCampWestTexas in Lubbock, TX last Saturday: "If they don't know you they don't trust you. Relationship first. Be approachable." People get to know each other by being in close proximity doing things together. It gets people talking & encourages courage.

Possible Implementation

1. Produce marketing/branding material describing an "innovation needed here" story. Another way to generate buzz/curiosity is to reach out to someone(s) you know at a school and get them excited. The idea is there is TONS of home-made/grown media that can be used by teachers to increase their know-how. Make it personal. 2. A team forms with the goal of producing an eBook (portable) or notebook containing an example or two of how media on YouTube (or somewhere else) has been leveraged to enable teachers to grow their skills. The team knows the culture of their school, state standards, and curriculum areas. The book can be used to get buy-in by leadership (principal, technology director, instructional coaches, etc). It can be a resource for professional development sessions or cookbook. 3. Successes (and misses) can be communicated out to the community (teachers at the school, district, social media) in the form of stories or other media


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