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Interactive 360 degree videos with checks for understanding and clear explanations

Interactive 360 degree videos would serve multiple purposes. Teachers who viewed the videos would have the opportunity to ask and answer questions to gain a greater understanding. Teacher who develop the videos would have a way to improve their practices while viewing themselves and their class in action.

Potential Impact

The impact of this idea could be a library of interactive multimedia content where teachers could search out specific professional learning based upon their individual needs.

Possible Implementation

Another aspect could be to add a 360 degree component where not only would viewers see teacher actions but also student reactions and vice versa. As teachers watched on video they could shift to other areas of the room to see what else was occurring. The link is to a 360 degree video called Welcome by Fort Minor that shows the video concept mentioned for implementation. As you move around the screen you see different areas of the scene. This link has area to watch the clean version of the video. The video concept is the focus rather than the lyrics of the song.


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