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Live 2-Way Teacher Observations

One idea that has been very impactful for our pre-service teachers is the use of FaceTime. Our coaches set up an iPad to shoot a class in real time using iOS' FaceTime. On the other end, our pre-service teachers gather to observe specific strategies that teacher is modeling for them, take notes to provide feedback, or even communicate with that teacher via cell phone and a Bluetooth earpiece. The ideas works well to feature an exemplar of practice, to assist a teacher with several observers at once or to provide intensive help with real time coaching.

Potential Impact

This form of live observation provides "in the moment" examples of practice where several teachers can provide their thinking at once. We use very targeted observations for this kind of coaching--we are only looking for a few strategies and we stop the observation after 15 minutes to allow for longer conversations.

Possible Implementation

Implementation requires decent wifi as well as a device that has an app for videocasting such as Skype or Google Hangout. We use FaceTime and it works really well.


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