Videos for professional development reinforce passive learning like "sit and git". We are living in an age of social networking where consumers expect to have a voice. I foresee videos that permit comments. If I were to design such a platform, the videos would be short on topics of interest to teachers - e.g., classroom management strategies like transitions; getting attention, etc., instructional strategies - e.g., cooperative learning, etc. These short videos would have pause options where open-ended questions would be asked of the audience. They would have the option to answer the questions face-to-face if working with a group or they could answer them through the video platform (like a comments section in Youtube). The saved comments would be available for other teachers to view. The results/benefits would be twofold: (1) interactivity would be increased, and (2) ideas would be crowdsourced where teachers can view the thoughts and ideas of other practitioners.

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Hi Jackie, what a great idea and thank you for sharing! I love how you incorporate personalized learning for teachers using PL videos but also add opportunities for reflection. You should check out Mindi K's (personalized learning) or Melanie W's (opportunities for collaboration) idea in stage 2 and add your thoughts to the conversation.

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