Professional learning videos need to be authentic, vetted, catalogued, searchable, and clipped so that teachers see in practice just what they need to see and cut out all of the superfluous things that we all know and understand happen around the target event being observed. In this way, teachers can find just what they need and see exemplars that demonstrate best practice in a practical way.

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Kip H Community Guide

Oldham County High School, ECET2; ECET2KY; Hope Street Group

Hi Lora, I completely agree! This would make the process of using a PL video so much easier. Have you used any systems that do this type of organization? How would you describe the current PL video systems that you have used?

Over 4 Years Ago

Lora S

Shelby County

Of course, Edivate/PD360 attempts to do this. I just don't believe the categories are narrowed down enough, nor are the categories there specific enough, to be targeted to a particular teacher's (or administrator's) search. The search for just the right video takes so long, it becomes useless. The Teaching Channel also does this. While the videos there are longer and much more clean, up-to-date and authentic, they are often long and searching for the spot I want to share with a teacher takes a while also. Being able to clip just the right moment and capture it seems to be what I am searching for. And that is exactly what I created myself in the instance I shared with the Learning Target video in the Challenge. Perhaps the solution is a much more personalized one. One in which each of us creates our own bank of video through moments we capture or view and clip--then store and catalogue. But a very easy-to-use storage system /app must be available to make that work!

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