My school district is revamping our evaluation process. One of our biggest issues is the cost of getting substitutes for the peer observers. Most of our teachers would prefer to stay in their classrooms, but they also want to take on the career ladder position of Team Leader. That requires observing other teachers as many as 10 observation per year. As I read the original idea of using video to do this, I envisioned using this technique in our school. I'm looking forward to learning more from other teachers as we share our experiences on this site!

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3 Years Ago

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Christopher B Community Guide

Downers Grove North High School

Thank you, Glen. Do you have a specific story of maybe a time when peer observation really opened up a new way of thinking about eval and/or teaching? Could video do that, too?

3 Years Ago

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Val B Community Guide

Seminole County

Cost and time are the two largest challenges with this "challenge." When have you used video that was effective with time and money?

3 Years Ago

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Kip H Community Guide

Oldham County High School, ECET2; ECET2KY; Hope Street Group

Hi Glen, welcome to the RDC! Are any other schools in your district currently implementing similar ideas with video?

3 Years Ago

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Glen Gilderman

Proctor Senior High

No yet, but I'm on the committee that is looking at more efficient ways to do observations/evaluations, so if I come across a great way to use video, my whole district will use it!

3 Years Ago

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Lisa H Community Guide

Palmyra Area School District

In your career ladder position, are your Team Leaders' observations counted as official observations for the teacher being observed or is it more about practice for the Team Leaders? What does that experience currently look like in your school?

3 Years Ago

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Glen Gilderman

Proctor Senior High

The Team leader's observation is considered a formative observation. It's really more of a coaching opportunity. Every 3 years, a tenured teacher gets a summative evaluation by an administrator. The formatives can be used to establish areas to look at, but are not used as part of the formal, summative assessment. How about yours. Lisa?

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