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Glenn Duncan Elementary School

I use video for all the professional development courses I design and facilitate. Video allows us to see content put into practice with real students. Video examples also provide us with exemplars to examine and discuss. When looking at how English Language Arts instruction is shifting, video of students and teachers provide a starting point for discussions of how instruction has looked and how it needs to look to support every student. Video allows teachers to see each other in action and allows the person in the video to explain their thinking and rationale around the instructional decisions that were made. Video also serves as evidence for teachers to use as part of their evaluation process. When looking at the difference between an effective teacher and highly effective teacher, video can show the multiple instructional moves that are made in a lesson and provide so much more information than you can get from observation notes.

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4 Years Ago

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Christopher B Community Guide

Downers Grove North High School

I LOVE your point about it being between effective and highly effective insomuch as we all know good from bad but seeing good from great is hard to see. Thank you for sharing.

4 Years Ago

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Kip H Community Guide

Oldham County High School, ECET2; ECET2KY; Hope Street Group

Hi Ben, welcome to the RDC! Great point about seeing the extra instructional moves to strengthen your teaching. Sometimes all it takes is one extra step that we may be missing in our practice to help us become a more effective teacher. Do your videos focus on these specific techniques or an entire lesson?

4 Years Ago

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Lisa H Community Guide

Palmyra Area School District

Hi Ben. I agree with Kip and Chris. It is really important to distinguish between effective and highly effective. As a teacher, I look for that information all the time. Do you point this out to teachers learning from the video?

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